This test is looking at all visual labels for form fields and flagging those that are not unique. This is a GA with no fix. Elements that should be flagged include inputs, selects, datalists, textareas, inputs of the button type and buttons, if their value (for buttons) or inner text (for everything else) is identical to the value or inner text for another form element on the page.

Input that is not visible, but has an implicit label that is identical to the label for the next field

Nothing in this group should be flagged

Two Inputs that are both visible and have identical implicit labels

These should be flagged

Textarea with identical label as an input

These should be flagged. Note: There is an extra space in one of the labels, but they should be trimmed before testing and they are identical trimming.

Textareas with identical labels as an input, but one offscreen

These should not be flagged



Fields with identical labels, one using aria-labelledby and one using label for

These should be flagged.

OR select below:

Datalist Field with identical label

These should be flagged

Buttons with identical labels

These should be flagged